Avensure Reviews: The Pros and Cons of Avensure Finally Revealed

Many satisfied customers can vouch for the effectiveness of Avensure when it comes to their HR advice team.

They have agents who are always optimistic and happy to help. Their response time is quick and they know all the answers to any questions you might have when push comes to shove. Some Avensure reviews are quite negative, so much so that some unsatisfied customers claim monetary losses of $5,000 and requests for refunds. The main complaint of the complainers is that as an outsourced HR solution, Avensure offers poor customer service that’s more concerned about upselling towards the 5-year package than actually helping out their clientele.


Who Should You Believe?


  • Pros of Avensure: According to those dissatisfied with Avensure’s performance through their anecdotal reviews, Avensure is not fast enough with their HR advice, which defeats the purpose of such a service because HR advice is time critical. Their 24/7 service isn’t as reliable as advertised, these people claim. They also complain about inept service and staff who tend to escalate calls to advisors every time.


  • Cons of Avensure: According to those satisfied with Avensure’s performance through their anecdotal reviews, Avensure fulfills its end of the bargain as far as offering immediate advice all day every day or 24/7. Sure, Avensure isn’t perfect and some agents might hard-sell or up-sell the 5-year HR advice contract, but for the most part those who don’t have issues with this point tend to be satisfied with Avensure’s response time.


  • Believe Yourself and Your Own Experience: Whether you believe the 1-star or 5-star reviews, it’s all up to you. Let your own experience with Avensure dictate how well or terribly they perform. Or if you would rather err on the side of caution, then you’re free to try out other services. Just take note that it’s not easy finding Avensure-tier services at this price point, especially in light of their extra offerings that their competition lack, like UK Law Compliancy.

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