To ensure sustainability of your crop yield

Food and Cash Crops Galore: How to Make Cash out of Crops


Making cash out of crops has become quite tough because we’re currently at the low point of the agricultural cycle. The profit margins are razor thin and commodity prices are quite low. Therefore, farmers should plan in a strategic manner each field like the whole farm is dependent on it (because it truly is). Food and cash crops should be attained through sustainable agriculture in order to safeguard the future of our children and future generations as well as humanity at large. The following tips should allow you to make money with crops even in the face of today’s tough markets.



Food Crops to Cash 101


  • Crop Rotation Options: To ensure sustainability of your crop yield, you should strategically plan every field like your whole farm depends on it. Every type of dirt and earth is different in terms of productivity. You should also take into consideration the proximity of your farm to the buyer for distribution purposes, the amount of rainfall your farm receives, and its location on top of the type of earth or soil you’re using. List down the types of crops you can grow on such fields for good measure.


  • Mixing Things Up to Survive: If you see farmers around you growing edible beans to survive, then you might as well follow suit. Beans grow like no one’s business almost by themselves, but it can take a lot of work to deal with crops of beans versus growing a couple of them in your garden. They’re also worth the effort because you can make a lot of money by growing one or two fields of them in light of their vivacity and the demand for high-quality beans.


  • Figure Out Which Crop Is More Productive: It’s also crucial for you to figure out which crops will be the most productive for your type of land in light of the area, climate, current weather or season, and amount of rainfall received. Look around you and your fellow farming competitors that might also become your customers. Sometimes they can give you ideas on what to do, like a turkey farmer that requires birdseed or sunflower seeds nearby. Don’t stick to just one crop. Have back up.


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