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How the World Is Facing the Challenge of Turning Urban Transport to Bicycle and the Role Folding Electric Bike Is Taking



Before we can talk about folding electric bike, let us first focus our discussion with the bicycle trend. The question hangs around in the minds of many; is bicycle making sense in the cities? Having a rising urbanization; cities more than any other, needs a modern mobility method. That is the reason why there are many cities that are embracing the concept and are investing in bicycle infrastructure. There are plenty of research that can vouch on the positive effects of cycling in the areas of social, environmental, economic and health. To cite a few, there is Denmark which claimed that society is gaining a 23 cent net profit for every kilometer with bicycle and a 16 cents net loss when car is used.

How is the world reacting to this?

Many cities are getting into this while there are those that don’t. And yet some more are considered anywhere in between. These are those that are mostly concerned on the investment that goes with the change, unsure if the concept will be welcomed and the benefit that this change can bring to their city.

The top 20 an present scenario

Based on the 20 top cities considered as the most bike-friendly Buenos Aires tried dominating and nailing the top for the South-American continent while Rio de Janeiro have lost its interest. Europe continues to increase their presence, though Germany is loosening its hold, Berlin is falling and Munich has entirely slipped off with Hamburg still trying to hang by a thread. Asia is calming down with Nagoya and Tokyo dropping off. Montreal is taking a firm hold on the top 20 with Minneapolis joining the game. Based on this scenario, it greatly proves that many are in the starting line before the competition, then, as it started most of them persevered but drops out of the competition somewhere along the way and only a few continued on.

How Denmark and Netherlands did it?

In Denmark and Netherlands their success boils down to infrastructure being the key. Next is the need to put in place serious advocacies related to this, provide bike facilities, promote social acceptance from all ages and gender and generate a strong perception that cycling is safe. Without all that many would fail.

 What is the role of a folding electric bike in all of these?

The folding electric bike will join in the enhancement of the cause, allowing more people to participate particularly those that have difficulties in using the pedals in ordinary bicycles. It likewise gives them the flexibility of being able to move their bike in other ways like inside car, train, and others while easing up the storage problem.


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