Health is wealth

We all know that health is a state of being complete both physically and mentally well being without any disease.

What is the importance of health? In present days there are new diseases and there a cases about the obesity or the extra fat issues. The most important things i.e. one must have nutritious food to stay healthy and fit.

How can one stay healthy? One can stay healthy through 3 things i.e. physical, nutrition and physiological.


1.       Physical

When it comes to our daily life exercise is the most important. The research says that exercise has a quality for living longer life and strengthens the ability to do more work. The most important thing is these days there is a less physical work than the olden days. During the olden days people especially women used to have physical work like lifting water in their hip which is good for the body, and children used to go outside and play by running, even the punishments will be like an exercise by kneeling down, sit-ups , etc., whereas in these days both parents and children are sticked to the gadgets which are more harmful. Due to this one need to a physical exercise.


2.       Nutrition

Other than physical, one must have a nutritious food in order to reduce fat or to stay healthy. Due to improper nutrition, they get fat and other health issues to reduce the fat people try diet method fat burning fingertips (click read more on fat burning fingerprints review), etc., the most important thing is to avoid junk foods. There are two kinds of nutrients, which we need to take, and these are macronutrients and micronutrients. Carbohydrates, proteins, and fats are considered as macronutrients where as calcium, vitaminB12, zinc, Potassium, Vitamin-C is considered micronutrients.

3.       Physiological

It’s important that one must have relaxation and rest to the body, which keeps our mind, recover from the illness. In the same way when our body muscle get week our brain also need time to get set without a rest or enough relaxation our body gets week. To maintain these things one must have a proper sleep and the relaxation between the physical activities is the most important for our healthy body.


To maintain a healthy body one must follow all the 3 things mentioned above.

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