A reconditioned laptop battery can expand its life, saving your expenses on buying a new battery

Reconditioning your laptop battery

The ability to recondition a dead battery depends on the type of battery. Generally, reconditioning a battery does not work on a dead battery but works for the battery that does not hold charge for long. The steps for reconditioning laptop battery:

  • Discharge the battery till there is enough charge in it, will avoid the loss of data and charging it fully, will help you regain its memory and functions
  • We always plug in the charger whenever we notice less battery and take out the plug when its half charged, but this is not the right practice. Whenever we charge the battery, charge till it gets full and always keep it for charge when there is no charge left.
  • Do not enable any feature that asks permission to manage the laptop battery. Hibernate mode present on the laptop actually grabs more charge rather than saving it. So, keep in mind that you should keep it disabled.
  • When you use a very old battery, you should recharge the battery more than once to ensure if it can hold the battery and it runs properly for long go.
  • When recharging a battery always remember that to leave it plugged in for more than 30-40 minutes even after it shows that it is fully charged. This is one of the safety measures to use the battery in right way.
  • For more such information about reconditioning other battery types, refer EZ battery reconditioning review.

Laptop battery types:


Nickel Cadmium batteries were the mostly used batteries for laptop. They are very inexpensive and also they charge the laptop quickly. These are also very adaptable to any kind of laptop.


Lithium ion is the newest type of battery used these days in laptops. It is very lightweight and you can carry it easily anywhere without too much strain. But, one disadvantage is that it costs you a lot for replacement.




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