Different Variations to try in poker mobile

More than the money, playing Poker is a lot of fun.

Of course, the monetary winnings are part of why people do Poker, but the entertainment and pleasure they get is something that drives them more. So, if you enjoy Poker and are interested in learning the game better, then you should know the varieties that you might stumble upon in the future.

  • Texas Hold’em- If you are playing poker mobile, this is probably the most played of all the varieties. Here, a player usually gets 2 cards facing down. There will be 5 community cards that will be laid out. The first 3 cards are called flop, then a betting will happen. Next, fourth card (turn) will be given out, then a series of betting. Lastly, the fifth card (river), then another round of betting. Usually, there are no limits in betting for this game, meaning players can bet their chips as much as they want.
  • Omaha- Much like the Texas Hold’em, but instead of having 2 cards face-down, they get 4. The flop, turn, and river are given face-up with betting in-betweens. There are also several varieties of this game, like pot-limit and high-low split game.
  • Badugi- Is a lowball variant where players receive 4 cards. There are three draws with a round of betting in each. Having in hand a card in the same suit counts against the person holding them. The best cards to have is A-2-3-4 in different suits. This game has also two other variants, like Badacey and Badeucey.
  • 5 card draw- Before Texas Hold’em poker rose to fame, this particular variant is the most popular. Here, each player is given 5 cards. There’s only one round of betting and each player has the opportunity to draw. Then a final betting and showdown will take place. This particular game uses the standard poker hand ranking, with the royal flush as the best, then straight flush, four of a kind and so on.




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