Statement shirts are always fashionable and attractive too.

How to Become Stylish by Just Wearing a T-Shirt and Jeans

Every woman has this stage in their lives, where outfits on their closet are never enough to wear no matter how many they are. There are those days when you don’t really want to dress up and style yourself. These are called lazy days, and whatever type of clothing is just enough for us. Well, we can brand these days as a t-shirt and jeans day. Wearing an ordinary t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans can be stylish in many ways. I’ve listed some ideas on how to wear this wardrobe and be still be fashionable.



Wear an attractive pair of shoes.

Wearing an attractive pair of shoes such as colorful ones could make every woman fashionable even just wearing a pair of blue jeans and a white shirt. It adds up to the contrast in your whole look for that day.

Bring a Stylish Handbag.

Handbags also define how fashionable a woman is. On the white shirt and jeans kind of day, try to use those stylish handbags of yours. The key to a fashionable look is simplicity with an addition of lavishness. Handbags makeup for the fashion and the shirt and jeans makes up for the simplicity.

Wear T-Shirts with attractive Prints

On days where you really feel lazy and don’t want to become stylish and fashionable, wearing a t-shirt with attractive prints can make up for it, like the Shop Designer Merchandise at Blackbora, there a thousand designs to choose from to pair your whole outfit.

Pair your whole outfit with a scarf

Scarves never go wrong in any type of fashion, whether you are wearing a dress or just jeans and shirt, it always adds style and statement to any type of outfit.


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